Dress for Success

No special equipment or clothing is necessary! Come in wearing a comfortable top, shorts or lightweight pants, and athletic shoes. In the winter (and messy weather days) we recommend changing into your sneakers once in the facility to keep the floors clean and safe for everyone exercising. We have a complimentary towel service and filtered water system. Just bring yourself ready to work!

Fuel Up

It’s important to have energy when working out, so we suggest eating a small meal or snack 30-60 minutes before the workout starts. Generally, smoothies and yogurts, or other liquid meals are not the best option before the workout, they are better saved for after. A protein bar of some sort, or other “dry” snack may be found to be more beneficial and comfortable for you. A regular meal (ex. breakfast sandwich or cereal) roughly 90 minutes before your workout should also be suitable. Find what works for you.

Come Early

For your first day, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms and discuss any injuries or pre-existing conditions we should know about. If you are also doing an assessment we will let you know what time to arrive to fit everything in. You are welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes before your session on any day to warm-up on the cardio equipment. We are happy to provide modifications for all our workouts to fit any need, and all fitness levels are welcome!

Leave Energized

We know you won’t be feeling up for exercise everyday but that is the point of having an appointment booked with us, to hold you accountable and make sure you exercise. We promise that if you can get yourself into our studio you may leave exhausted but you’ll feel better than when you came in and be full of positive energy!

Proven Strategies for Proven Results

Whatever your goal, we will guide you to success. And, give you the tools to have lifelong health.
Move Better
Have More Energy
Love Yourself More
Feel More Confident
Be Stronger
Lose Weight
Be Healthier

Contact Us

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