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Torrey W.

Growing up in my neighborhood was very ruff. The way I stayed out of trouble was playing double dutch. My oldest sister pretty much forced me to learn and at the time I hated it!!!! By far, at the time, it seemed like the hardest thing to learn. Soon I found myself playing more and getting better at it. At the age of 10 my mother allowed me to go to a local gym and join a team. At that tender age my body was pushed to extreme levels. I was taught how to back flip, better yet any flip I was able to perform. The trainer at the time helped me to stretch out and soon I was able to split and straddle which was part of prerequisite that somebody on a competing team has to know how to do. I began to compete and travel many places. I brought home so many medals and never was placed under 2nd place. My most memorable place was Japan. This very day Double Dutch is now a sport but at the time for me it was a way to stay safe and out of trouble.

Some years ago I remember going on vacation with my family and when it was time to go to the pool my bathing suit consist of a shirt and shorts. For some reason I remember still to this day feeling so insecure and unattractive that day changed everything for me. I became a member at a club and also obtained a personal trainer. In just 60 days I went from 165 to 125 which was so amazing to me. I started a cross fit challenge in New Haven, CT. To watch my body go through so many changes and to push my body to exactly what I wanted it to be is such an accomplishment. Since then I have gained on more pounds (by choice) but my message to anyone is – your dreams are way more achievable than you think. This journey has definitely played a role in me becoming a certified trainer. I have also continued on in my studies to become certified in Nutrition.

On my off time spending time with my family means everything to me. Atleast 2-3 times a week I coach my own double dutch team back in my neighborhood where I grew up. I have not been able to travel with my teams because I have little ones at home but I make sure they are well prepared to compete and give their best.

I am so happy to be apart of the FBD team and help pass on this movement to others that may have been, or currently are, in a time of insecurity because is not a good state to be in. All the sweat and work I put the ladies through at the end of each session everyone is saying bye and thank you with a smile on their faces. I have so much gratitude inside. I will continue to give what I give myself, which is nothing but the best.

My Favorite Exercise

Seated Hip Thrust

My Guilty Pleasure

Cool Whip

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