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Physical Activity has always been a large part of my life since I was very young. Growing up, I played multiple sports such as baseball, football, soccer, with basketball as my favorite of them all. Although I stayed active throughout my early years in college participating in inter-mural leagues for different sports, I didn’t take the physical training aspect of structured fitness seriously until about 2008 when I joined a local crossfit gym. The workouts were so challenging and physically taxing that it required a disciplined recovery approach that included clean eating, incorporating adequate amounts of rest and healthy supplementation. Through this process I learned so much about my body and I later became an enthusiast of the health and fitness lifestyle.

I have over a decade of experience in the health insurance industry as project and program manager. My experience in healthcare has given me a unique perspective on the fitness industry and the different challenges that many people face regarding how they manage their health and well being holistically. Being physically active is just one, but critical, piece of the complex puzzle of gaining and sustaining balance in life. I’m excited to learn and teach the different dynamics of human bio-mechanics and how that knowledge can be used to embolden as many people as possible to take charge of their health.

My hobbies include music, reading, blogging, golf, hiking, and spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter.

To expand my knowledge, I’m currently in pursuit of a NASM certification in Personal Training and bachelor’s degree in Health & Wellness from Ashford University. As a fitness coach, my main goal is to help motivate and inspire as many people as I can to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle in a happy and safe manner.


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Hang Clean

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Carrot Cake

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