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Melissa G.

My fitness journey is somewhat cliche. After a bad break up, gaining a good amount of weight, low self confidence and an upcoming family wedding (full of judgmental aunts) I started to hit the gym. I mostly stuck to the treadmill and elliptical due to my limited knowledge of the machines and weight lifting. Aside from the fact of not knowing how to use the weights, I was terrified and intimidated by all the grunting buff men. At some point with all that cardio my progress plateaued. Soon after I saw a CrossFit class on Groupon and thought I would try it to shed that last few extra pounds since cardio wasn’t cutting it anymore. In that class I deadlifted weights that were more than my body weight. I couldn’t believe it! I was never very athletic growing up nor did I play any sports. I instantly fell in love with CrossFit. It helped me regain my confidence and left me with a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, it inspired me to become a personal trainer. In October of 2019 I completed my National Academy of Sports Medicine’s personal training certification. I hope through my experience and education I can help others achieve their fitness goals and empower others not to be intimidated by the idea of lifting weights.

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