Meaghan Massenat

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” and you’ll never fail.”
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Meaghan Massenat
Fitness by Design Owner, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Growing up I was always involved in sports. I did a little bit of everything ­- ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer and snowboarding. During the college years the sports faded out of my life due to school work, and I found myself enjoying weight lifting in our university gym. While getting my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology I took a Sport Psychology course and decided that was the post-graduate degree for me. I went on to receive a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Florida Atlantic University, as prerequisite to the Doctorate in Sport Psychology. While there I was a graduate assistant and taught an undergraduate course. Upon graduation I received a position as the Fitness Professional for a retirement village and also began working part-­time as a personal trainer. I ended up with a great opportunity to co­-own and manage two personal training studios, so that is what I did for 5 years in Florida, along with freelance health and fitness writing (and never did pursue the Doctorate in Sport Psychology).

While pregnant with my second child, we decided it was time to move back to New England, and randomly chose Connecticut. Since then we have grown to a family of five. I have worked as an instructor for Branford Hall, and as the Exercise Physiologist in an outpatient physical therapy facility. Now, I’m the new owner of Fitness by Design. As a newer resident of Berlin, I’m excited to be working in my own town.

To the moms: As a mom of 3 who gained 45 pounds with each pregnancy, it IS possible to to be healthy and fit again. ­ The only difficulty (and I know it is a big one) lies in you making the time and committing to make the changes, which include both exercise and nutrition. I promise you CAN do it, if you really try.

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My Guilty Pleasure

Starbucks espresso drinks (decaf) and salty foods (but with a Vertigo disorder this is now a forbidden pleasure)

My Certifications

NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Precision Nutrition Coach, Pn1

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