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Danielle D.

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Danielle D.
BS Dietetics, NASM CPT

I have been active my entire life. I participated in a variety of sports growing up including soccer, softball, horseback riding, gymnastics, and volleyball. In high school, I started cycling, and I quickly fell in love with the sport. In college, I began cycling more seriously. I enjoyed the physical and mental challenge that came with long endurance rides. Eventually cycling led me to triathlon. I trained for my first triathlon in 2014. Although running and cycling came naturally to me, swimming was a struggle. Every open water swim was accompanied by anxiety and panic. Large portions of my open water swims were spent slowly swimming backstroke and focusing on my breathing to gain composure, with my coach paddling in a kayak next to me saying “you’re okay, just breath.” My first race was not without panic, but every race after that I got a little faster in the water, and the panic consumed me less. The sport taught me the importance of strategic training, proper fueling, and recovery. It also taught me perseverance, determination, and truly taught me to believe in myself.

Upon starting my first full time job I took a break from triathlon, and became more serious about weight lifting. I began to expand my knowledge in strength training. I became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016. I hope to pursue a Functional Movement Specialist certification in the future. I appreciate the science in functional movement and hope to help others move better and prevent movement related injuries or complications that can occur from poor mobility.

In college I studied nutrition and dietetics. I graduated from UConn with a Bachelors in Dietetics in 2014. In addition to training at FBD, I also work full time as a Clinical Dietitian at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Working at the hospital while also training at FBD has allowed me the ability to pursue both of my passions.

My Favorite Exercise

Goblet Squat OR Landmine Squat (love ‘em both!)

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