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Ashley O.

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Ashley O.
Certified Barre Instructor

I began my journey as a student taking classes for strengthening and conditioning after an injury to my iliopsoas muscle, which left me with limited flexibility and range of motion. Around the same time, I had been receiving iron-infusion treatments after learning my iron reserves were dangerously low.

Over the course of six months, my weight had significantly dropped, resulting in being underweight. Further, my doctor’s had advised me to refrain from rigorous activities and to pause my studies towards school of law. After successful treatments, doctor’s had informed me that I could engage in light exercise. Between my injury to the psoas and being underweight, I continously searched for exercises that would help me be active, healthy, and gain muscle. I decided to enroll in barre class, and after three months I noticed a difference in both my body, and self confidence. I gained a tremendous amount of strength, which resulted in my energy levels being stable, which allowed me to resume my studies and pursuits towards school of law. Friends and family had been asking what my secret was. I simply stated, “The Barre Method.”

About one year later, I realized my journey was not over just yet. Having experienced the struggle of finding a work out regimen that would work for me, and receiving vast results empowered me to want to pursue additional education. Moreover, my experience inspired me to want to share with others what had truly helped me so much. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, a Master of Art in Criminal Justice, as well as a certification as a Certified Barre Instructor.

My goal is to share my past experience with others at the barre, by ensuring they have a great workout and have fun at the same time! My class is designed to fit individuals of all ages, and is “a go at your own pace workout.” My choreography implements postures inspired by ballet and fundamental ballet steps such as a plie and releve to tone and sculpt the legs and glutes. The barre is used for balance, while working and engaging your entire core, focusing on isometric strength training. The 50 minute workout entails starting with a mat-based warm up including push ups, planks, and a series of arm exercises to tone biceps, triceps, and shoulders; followed by taking it up to the barre for seat work, really targeting the glutes and hamstring muscles. If your seeking a fun workout that sculpts the body, while connecting your mind-body, come join me at the barre!

Female fitness instructor in a pose using a barre
Female fitness instructor in a pose using a barre
Female fitness instructor in a pose using a barre

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