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Fitness by Design Group Class Schedule of December

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
      Hard Core ShakeUp

Trainer: Jamie


Trainer: Jamie

Super Sculpt

Trainer: Jamie

Fatburner II

Trainer: Jamie

5x5 Pizza Hut Workout

Trainer: Michael


Class Descriptions

Fat Incinerator:

Semi-private, pre-register only.  Here's a goal specific fat burner program designed to lose 15 pounds in eight weeks, and give you everything you need to keep going on your own!  Sixteen high-intensity training sessions, a custom meal plan, complete calorie counter book listing nutritional values for thousands of foods, additional discounts on personal training.

5x5 Pizza Hut Workout: 

In this zany workout, Michael will have you running up and down stairs, throwing balls against the wall, whipping ropes around, maybe even forming tag team relays to perform circuits! You never know what he'll come up with next, but you can guarantee this will be the FUN-nest workout of the week.  Great for people who don't like working out!

Fatburner I and II: 

Calories!! Burn 3500 more than you take in, and your body will lose one pound of fat. Fatburner is a fast-paced group workout that gets your metabolic rate cruising, and keeps it there!  LOTS of activity with minimal muscle damage.

Cardio Core Extreme: 

Abs, Obliques, Lower Back... these muscles make up the "Core" of your physique.  This group class strengthens and tones your core for a tighter stomach, stronger back and better posture.

Super Sculpt: 

Just losing fat will make you a smaller version of the same shape you are today - but sculpting toned muscle will give you grace, energy, and keep the fat OFF! Super Sculpt is a maximum toning program that will develop a firm new physique under your skin - beautiful!

Hard Core Shakeup: 

You want TOUGH...? You got it. This boot camp-esqe workout will challenge your strength and determination with a non-stop pace guaranteed to get your heart rate up and keep it there. Only the strong survive!

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